The Magical Little Tea Set

When I was a small girl, I had the most wonderful tea set. It wasn’t one of the more popular plastic sets that children typically have today, but a true China tea set. The set had little plates, tiny saucers, dainty tea cups, a tiny tea pot and a little milk pitcher and sugar pot. I loved it and felt elegant and grown up whenever I used it.  My sister and I would set up our dollies and play pretend with the tea set many an afternoon growing up.

My Nanny was from Wales, and from a young age we were allowed milky cups of tea with far too much sugar. We were taught about proper tea desserts, special tea sandwiches and even had the privilege of going to high tea services as we got a bit older. And as we got older, the children’s china tea set either got misplaced in a move or donated many years ago. I thought about that little tea set many times over the years, picturing the little flowers on the dishes and hearing the clanky sound the lid made going on the little sugar pot like it was yesterday.

A few years ago, I was thrift shopping like I typically do a few times a month. I love to look at things that remind me of lovely memories of times passed and occasionally treat myself to a little treasure or two if I come across something unique or special. I came across an exact replica of a school bag I had in the late 80s, and was already feeling pretty lucky at my amazing find. Before heading to the checkout something that day told me to head over to the children’s section, which I never ever do. Low and behold, what was the first thing I saw? MY EXACT TEA SET FROM THE EIGHTIES. The box was a little faded, but this was the same tea set I had, and all the pieces were there! The most amazing thing as well was that the set was in its original box, and from a store that has been out of business for some years now. 

I now have “my” tea set back in my possession. I have no doubt in my mind that my Nanny had some way of putting this tea set back in my life, and for that I will always feel like it’s my magical little tea set. I have yet to take it out of the box, but one of these days I definitely will so that I can hear that little clink noise of the sugar pot once again. 

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