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Welcome to Tea Celebrations!

Our mission is to create unforgettable tea experiences

Our Vision: At Tea Celebrations, we envision a world where tea transcends borders, cultures, and generations. We believe in the power of tea to bring people together, create moments of joy, and promote mindfulness in the midst of today’s fast-paced world.

Tea Celebrations

 are undeniably lovely for a multitude of reasons, captivating the hearts of tea enthusiasts and creating an enchanting experience that transcends time. These delightful gatherings hold a unique charm that fosters a sense of warmth and togetherness, making them cherished occasions that leave a lasting impression.

Tea Celebrations was created because of my love for tradition and gatherings of friends & family.
Growing up having tea and cookies with my mother and grandmother was such a special time.
For years I would dress up with my Sunday Hat, beaded necklaces and little white church gloves over tea service with beautiful dainty teacups and tiny little spoons.
I loved our conversation’s, it was calming, enlightening & tasty.  We would laugh and cry at times depending on what was happening in life at that time.
As years past and we grew older I found me sharing this experience with my girlfriends.  Then as we married and had children there seemed to be no time for tea moments with my family or friends.  Life got in the way.
Then one year not too long ago for a friend’s birthday I decided to set up an Afternoon Tea.  We all gathered at a small Tea House near Lindsey Ontario.  It was an amazing time and the menu was delightful!
At that moment I decided I was going to make it a point to schedule an “Afternoon Tea” a couple of times a year with family and friends.  I knew an invitation to an “Afternoon Tea” would be more difficult for anyone to cancel due to life getting busy.
Since it was sometimes difficult to book at the usual venue and downtown was expensive (parking) and frustrating at times (traffic) I thought it would be great to have “Afternoon Tea” catered.
“Tea Celebrations” was born (Feb 2009).  At that time I was not able to find anyone in the  greater Toronto area providing such a service.  Therefore, I decided I would figure out a way to bring this wonderful tradition steeped in history to homes, gardens and business.
I wanted more people to experience an “Afternoon Tea” from the very young to the more mature.
Bringing 3 or 4 generations of women together for laughing and sharing over a wonderful cup of tea.
Hopefully promote long-time friends to make the time to just sit and relax with one another over tea and catch up on what was going on in each other’s life. 
To my surprise, I was getting bookings for 20, 30 and 40 guests.   The bookings were for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Retirement Parties, and Businesses.    I realized that Afternoon Tea could be a great way to celebrate many special occasions and I am more than happy to provide this experience.

Sip, Savor, and Celebrate!
Warm regards,
The Tea Celebrations Team

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