What Afternoon Tea Means to me…

It means relaxing, being in the moment, feeling the warmth of the cup and the steam slowly rising, the aroma of the fresh tea leaves steeping and the people we are sharing the moment with ☺  
From a group of girlfriends who have finally found time from their busy lives to get together, to a wonderful Mother’s Tea that is generational with your Great Grandmother, your Grandmother, your daughter and even granddaughters.  So many special celebrations can be shared over an elegant Afternoon Tea.

The whole experience encourages the sharing of stories and memories while creating new memories.

There are so many reasons and stories as to why I love bringing “Afternoon Tea” to others. One such reason is an amazing group of women who have been friends for over 40 years. This is a group of seven wonderful, adventurous and free spirited friends, who I have had the pleasure of serving an “Afternoon Tea” for the past 5 years.
Each year they would get together at one another’s home for this whimsical afternoon treat to reminisce over years gone by, the good times, the tough times, marriages, divorces, children, grandchildren and ailments. I so enjoy hearing their stories and seeing how deep and true their friendships have remained. It is an honour to be a part of their special time together.

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